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My name is Malish Martin Joseph. I am married to one wife and I have three children – one boy and two girls. I have many siblings. I am the eldest son in the family.


I was born in Iwotoka, Morobo in 1977. I went to school in the liberated areas in the 1990’s when the war with the Sudan was at its peak.

Our family has seen a very terrible life. We have gone for days without food. I had to walk miles and miles for several years, changing locations.

From the school when I was a refugee, I failed to get a scholarship not because I was a dull student. I got first grade in 1994 but because I did not have a chance to travel to get my admission form that time, I failed to get scholarship and I had to struggle to pay myself by working, digging and doing all kinds of work to pay for myself from senior one all the way to senior four before the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) came in to support me in senior five and six.

I have been exposed to all sorts of humiliations; be it insults, to walking on pair of cloth for years (washing it at night), walking bare feet, going to primary school 3 kilometres, and having a meal a day during school days for two-years. I cannot remember a SITUATION where a student is being visited by a father; we never experienced all these things. You are by yourself and your friends and that is it!

I only began to sleep on mattress when I was in senior five. All those days, during the war, we had been sleeping on mat and if I had the best opportunity to travel, it was on a bicycle which I would borrow. It was such a very difficult life.


One of my achievements was to set up a company. I have achieved a lot of experience. Today I can call myself a multimillionaire entrepreneur even if I don’t have money… I have seen and handled money with my own hands, but I have never been tempted to steal. I was part of the construction of the Directorate of Taxation headquarters of the Republic of South Sudan and I was also involved in the construction of a 20 kilometre road and many other small projects. I have gone through very stressful situations and I have come out successful by God’s grace.


I am an entrepreneur and Managing Director of Five Investment Limited. I joined the private sector in 2009. At Five Investment Limited, we sell and deliver foodstuffs to non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and to the general public. We have a wholesale store in Gudele Two. We compete with foreign companies, which tells you how far we have come. At the moment we are setting up outlets in other parts of the country to sell our products. 

What is your Motivation professionally?

I am a committed born again Christian and I believe God has a purpose for my short time on earth. What motivates me is the vision that I have; I don’t see myself as a failure. I am motivated by the fact that I have a measurable potential. If I put myself under somebody’s control, I will not achieve all that I have intended to. I feel very happy when I do a job and somebody says “thank you.” I am also very happy that my family is a motivation to me. They are before me, they make me to look very calm and I am happy that even if I will not be there, they can inherit the business. I am not compelled by anybody. I am not under anybody’s pressure. But I am under the pressure of the kind of work that I have chosen to do. I am supervised by my own instinct.

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