Hardworking Women Association is an association formed by a group of 30 women who came together in 2017 to do business. The association is established with well-defined constitution and objectives.


Beads made beauty products, sandals, decorated baskets, liquid soap and detergents, bags, chalks, charcoal and Sustainable charcoal stove

Challenges facing the association:

  • High rate of South Sudan Pounds (SSP) to US Dollars, making it hard to acquire/import raw materials
  • High operation cost with low sales, making it hard to have all the employees and workforce all at once
  • High rental cost, landlord are requesting rentals in US Dollars. We could not afford.
  • Received loan once from Nile Commercial Bank to buy machinery, however, because of lack of space and high fuel prices we are unable to maintain and use the machine on daily basis
  • Most of the women in the association are uneducated and untrained


  • “We are actively looking for someone or organization to train and enforce our workforce the women with particular skills”
  • “We need the Ministry of trade to help us expand our business especially with exporting our handcrafts and South Sudanese cultural and beauty product”
  • “Our expectation from the exhibition was so big. We thought we would make a lot of sales like last year, and meet up with our leaders in the government, investors and potential partners but it turn out to be a disappointment and almost no sales. If not buying, at least, our leaders should visit us and interact and we exchange contacts for future business, this would mean a lot of encourage for us because they understand the know-how of doing business and linking us with the markets and investors”

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